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Let me start by saying we’ve been where you are right now. We have that in common. We genuinely care about you and your success. We want to you to succeed in your divorce!

You want to make it through your Divorce without losing everything and you just need someone to show you how to deal with . . . your ex-wife . . . her lawyer . . your lawyer…and the Legal system.

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Divorce Advice

It’s a fact that women initiate over 85% of all divorces in this country.

This isn’t because women are less happy in marriage than men are; they just know they have an advantages both financially and regarding child custody.

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Child Support

You'll definitley want to check out our section on Child Support.

We address calculations, its modification, help with support, how to reduce it, and how to determine the precentage..

We also feature a review of a special report on How To Legally Reduce Your Child Support

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Our section on Alimony is the fastest growing area on our site.

We've added articles on Modification, the definition, the guidelines around it, determining how much you might owe, and who qualifies.

Most men don't mind financially supporting their wives when they're married, but men get outraged by having to financially support an ex-wife.

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Do It Yourself

My video course will get you through your divorce in weeks, not months, with your Divorce Settlement on the table In 7 Days or less. . . .

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